Scheme for grant of rewards to the children of salt labourers(DIPP)

With a view to grant financial assistance for developmental, labour welfare and community development works out of cess proceeds, the Govt. of India has formulated guideline known as Code of Principles in which a provision/ augmentation of educational facilities for the children of workers employed in salt industry have been made. The scheme was launched in the year 1985.
A scheme known as “ Scheme for grant of rewards to the children of labourers working in Salt Industry (CRS)” was initiated in 1985 for granting 20 rewards to the children of the salt workers to enable them to meet the initial expenses either partly of wholly for purchase of books, stationeries etc., on admission to recognized institutes for higher studies.
Since 2011-12 the number of rewards are 3500 with financial implication of Rs.45.00 Lakh Rs.1000/- for the students of classes VI to VIII, Rs.1500 for classes IX to X and Rs.2000/- for classes XI to XII with the proviso that awards for girl child be reserved to a minimum of 50% allocation per state. In the absence of female students in a particular Salt Factory / State, the reward could be given to the available eligible male students in each category of other Salt Factory / State.
The scheme is proposed to be transferred to Ministry of Labor and Employment after 31st March, 2017.


The objective of the scheme in to encourage the education among the children of salt workers and to enable than to meet the initial expenses either partly or wholly, for purchase of books, stationary etc.


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