Mega Cluster(handicraft) (Ministry of Textiles)

Mega cluster approach is a Drive to scale up the infrastructural and production chain at Handicrafts clusters which have remained unorganized and have not kept pace with the modernization and development that have been taking place so far.


To enhance the competitiveness of selected clusters in terms of increased market share and ensuring increased productivity by higher unit value realization of the products.

To ensure effective integration of scattered artisans, building their grass roots enterprises and linking them to SMEs in the sector to build critical mass for customized interventions and ensure economies of scale in operations. This will build a supply system that is geared to responding to large-scale orders, adhering to quality and product standardization, which are pre-requisites of global markets.

To generate additional livelihood opportunities to the people through specific intervention in segmental sub sector industry and increase the incomes to the artisans/ craftsmen already engaged in this sector.

To provide requisite support/ linkages in terms of adequate infrastructure, technology, product diversification, design development, raw material banks, marketing & promotion, social security and other components that are vital for sustainability of artisans/craftsmen engaged in the Handicrafts sector.

Proactive and strong technical and program management assistance for capacity building, designing of the interventions and their implementation, through a competent professional agency.

Funding pattern

Funds to the tune of 3% (max.) of project cost shallbe earmarked for establishing baseline data / DPR against which performance can be compared at the end of the project. The total fund requirement will be as per the DPR. The maximum duration of the project will be four years. 50% of the approved project cost will be released as advance. Second Installment @ 40% of the approved project cost will be released on utilization of 70% of 1st installment. The last 10% amount will be released as reimbursement on completion of project and submission of utilization report etc.


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