Design Clinic (DC-MSME)

Design Clinic scheme is to enhance industry understanding and application of design and innovation, and to promote design as a value adding activity and integrate it into mainstream business and industrial processes of MSMEs


To assist local enterprises with engaging external design expertise in the form of consultancy.
Projects supported should lead to new design strategies, and/or design-related products.
Projects supported must be impactful and effectively develop the capabilities of the local enterprise.
Increase the awareness of the value of design and establish design learning in the micro, small and medium sized industries, and
Increase the competitiveness of local products through design.


The Design Clinic scheme will help MSMEs to avail independent advice on all aspects of design. It helps MSMEs realize and achieve their design-related objectives. Practical support is provided to MSMEs via one-to-one advice, seminars, and workshops. This specialist advice is provided by experienced designers for new product development as well as enhancing existing product portfolio. The purpose of design is doing things better, improving a situation, making a positive difference. The role of design in business is creating value.
The funding assistance will be provided to the MSMEs for engagement of design consultants and professionals and other admissible items under the project as per the guidelines.

Design Clinic will be guided by the following key principles:

Rigorous, yet applicant friendly, process;
Promotion and dissemination of design concepts in regional/local languages understood by the MSMEs;
Establishing benefits without overwhelming the MSMEs;
Learning from other successful design support programs;
Establishing systematic processes for design and product development in MSMEs.


Assistance under the scheme will be available for the benefits of micro, small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing segments as per the definition of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006 (MSMED Act, 2006).

Nature of assistance

Funding support of –

60,000 per seminar and 75% subject to a maximum of 3.75 lakhs per workshop.
To facilitate MSMEs to develop new Design strategies and or design related products and services through project interventions and consultancy.
Government of India contribution @ 75% for micro, 60% for SMEs for the project range 15 lakh to 40 lakh.

Who Can Apply

Expert agencies (Industry Associations, Technical Institutions or other appropriate bodies), for conducting seminars and workshops, MSMEs or groups of MSMEs, Academic Institutes/ design companies/ design consultants, etc., applying as co applicants along with a designated MSME.

How to apply

Expert agencies can directly apply to design clinic centres expressing intent to conduct workshops and seminars.

MSMEs can apply alone or along with a design company or a design consultant/academic institute for design projects by submission of a proposal to the Design Clinic Centre or through the internet by making an online application.

Apply online at or download the form from

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